A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

IMPORTANT: please use 1024 x 768 as resolution. I did not have time to worry about different resolutions. Sorry.

The game is based on a stupid idea and is not really serious (hence the title). I thought of Pluto, the dwarf planet, when I read the jam theme and then thought of the classifications of mini planets. (Pluto is not considered a planet because there are objects in its orbit.) There are actually people who campaign for Pluto being re-elevated to planet status again, so the joke of someone trying to "help" the planet is not entirely far-fetched.

I didn't have time to include all the ideas I had but I wanted to turn it in for the jam. It works, but I'll definitely revisit it as soon as I can.

All images are from NASA's official website, which is a fascinating place that hopefully gets some advertising this way.  (www.nasa.gov) Space looks really cool.

Navigation is a bit difficult, but hey, it's in space. :-)


In hindsight, I published the game too early. A lot of the stuff that is necessary and that would improve it is still not finished. Unfortunately, I have a lot to do at work right now, so I have decided to put the project on hold for some time.

Install instructions

It's a zip file. I hope it works with all systems. Enjoy!


MiniPlanetsPluto_V5.zip 23 MB

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